Bareboat Charter San Diego

For bareboat yacht charters in San Diego, you simply charter (rent) the yacht and you skipper the boat. (Previous sailing experience is required. If you need to develop those skills, see our Sailing Lessons section.)

West Coast Multihulls Charters has several catamarans and trimarans available for bareboat charter in San Diego. To charter one of our multihulls please contact us at 619.517.5630 or visit our fill out the information below to get started.

Listed below are a few requirements for a bareboat charter in San Diego:

We accept ASA 114 Certifications.bareboat charter san diego


Substantial sailing experience is required. Please send us your sailing resume including experience on other bareboat multihull charters to

In most cases a sailing test with one of our staff is required. We will go through all systems with you to make your yacht charter in San Diego a fun and safe voyage.

Check out our San Diego Bareboat Charter Fleet!

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Deposit/Cancellation Policy:

A 50% deposit is required at time of booking, and reservations will be paid in full 30 days prior to your charter. Any cancellation must be received in writing via email or regular mail. If you must cancel at least 60 days prior, a $100 per-person charge will be made to cover administrative and boat scheduling costs. If cancelling 30-60 days out, a fee equaling 25% of the full cost of the charter will be assessed. Less than 30 days notice will result in the loss of your 50% deposit. However, if we are able to re-book the boat, we will be happy to issue a full credit that can be applied to any future booking.

Mechanical Issues and the World of Boating:

Anyone familiar with boats realizes they are not perfect machines, and often prone to mechanical breakdown. WCM has an experienced crew of maintenance and mechanical experts working to assure your designated vessel will be in top shape, and available for class or charter service on the dates requested. BUT breakdowns happen, and it’s important that clients understand this. WCM will always try to make arrangements to quickly repair the vessel, or make an adequate substitution. In rare cases classes or charters may not proceed as planned. Your party will have the option of a discounted stay aboard the boat dockside, taking advantage of other San Diego activities, or a full credit toward your class/charter at another time. A partial refund will only be given under certain circumstances.


All boats carry deductible hull insurance. In the event of damage or loss of equipment, the charterer will be liable for the full deductible amount of $500 or 1% of the value of the boat; whichever is greater. If repairs/replacements do not exceed the deductible amount, a refund will be made.


The applicant hereby absolves West Coast Multihulls and its owners and employees of any responsibility or the obligation in the event of an accident regardless of the consequences. WCM and its owners and employees shall not be liable for any personal injuries or property damage sustained by the applicant or his/her guests on WCM property, the vessel supplied, or for the condition or use of the boat or its equipment. The applicant agrees to hold WCM free and harmless from any loss or injury sustained by the applicant while on board the boat or engaged in charter-related activities.


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