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yacht charter management san diegoyacht management san diego


Start making money with your boat!!



Why should I put my boat in Charter with West Coast Multihulls?

The West Coast Multihull Yacht Management Program (WCMYMP) was designed specifically to benefit owners looking to defray the cost of a boat they can’t use all the time. Owning a boat in the WCMYMP gives you the best of both worlds. The freedom you use your boat whenever you want; and benefiting you financially as WCMYMP maintains and charters your boat. Our San Diego yacht management program gives you a monthly cash flow to help offset the cost of boat ownership.

And did you know you can have a huge tax benefit by having your boat with West Coast’s San Diego yacht charter management program? Section 179 Federal Income Tax Deductions allow up to $250,000 in write-offs, plus standard deductions. Of course, you will want to consult your tax advisor for details related to your particular circumstances.

Need Another Great Reason?

The goal of our San Diego charter yacht management program is to market and reserve as many or as few weeks of charter as you like to either maximize earnings or simply cover basic costs. We professionally maintain your investment, and generate revenue too! When your boat is chartered, we maintain fuel levels, propane tanks, take regular inventory of all gear and go through a complete maintenance check list every time. Your boat will be cleaned and/or detailed before and after every charter. We clean and empty holding tanks and see to all  maintenance issues as needed. Each skipper chartering your boat is either an ASA certified sailor, or has passed a comprehensive sailing test with our professional and licensed captains. And when your boat is not chartered, your boat will be checked weekly, if not daily at our docks, right outside the office.

Overview: Pro Forma

For example: A $300,00 boat can cost $45,000- $50,000 per year for dockage, insurance and maintenance (we use the figure of 15% the value of the boat). Charter revenues on the same yacht average $60,000 (gross) per year. The owner receives 50%, or $30,000. Therefore, your $300,000 yacht is only costing $20,000 or less per year, while being kept in top condition, and is available for you to cruise some of the nicest waters in the world.

West Coast’s San Diego Yacht Management Program is simple and straightforward:
We keep your yacht busy when you’re not using it.

Earn Money Two Ways

Income Charter Revenue and Tax Deductions. Our program makes it easy to keep track of your income and expenses with detailed summaries of your boat’s charter activities, routine maintenance and other expenses.

Statement and Payments

Sent to you monthly, detailing the revenue generated and expenses incurred. Owners receive a check monthly for charter revenues that exceeds costs.

Maintenance Records

Sent to the owners with monthly statements. (All substantial repairs are approved by the owner ahead of time.)


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