BVI sail plan meeting

Come and join us for our continuation meeting on the BVI trip in may.  At this meeting we will be going  in depth regarding the evolution of our sail plan and for people who are interested in joining our trip.

Things that were discussed in our last meeting was for everyone to do your home work on what this vacation would be for YOU.  So we can better tailor this trip to each person.  Also have you though about who you would like to be your boat mates for the week.  What sights have you chosen for your must see’s and do’s. Your meal plan options…

On another note is Lance has joined our trip. He is an instructor at west coast multihulls and a licensed Capitan. So if you wish to take that final 114 class this opportunity will be available for you.

It is not to late to join the trip.  Right now we have room for 4 more people.  We have the room but we will NOT be packing the boats!  No one will be sleeping in the salon!  6 people on each 40ft lagoonand 8 on the catana.  If we need more boats we will try and book them, but the selections are shrinking by the day.  I can only guarantee 4 spaces at this point. if you are a single you will have your own bed.  If you are a couple you will have your own state room and private bath.

Our location for this gathering will be determined  by our numbers.  We might boat ferry you to the resturant from our docks.  But this all depends on the size of the group.


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