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Maximize the Fun, Minimize the Hassle

Charter Yacht Management with WCM

If you love sailing, but struggle with the idea of the boat sitting at the dock week after week, this program is for you. If you find yourself coming to the boat to finally get away, and being stuck working on the boat instead of sailing it and playing with friends and family, this program is for you. Reservation flexibility and a top notch maintenance program reduce your stress and maximize your fun!

Add a New Catamaran to The Fleet

West Coast Multihulls has openings in the San Diego and Sea of Cortez fleets ideally suited for these new catamarans.

Add Your Current Catamaran to The Fleet

If you have a modern cruising catamaran (less than four years old), and are interested in offsetting some of the costs of ownership, WCM Charter Yacht Management can be a great fit.


    1. Offset your costs! Let your boat make you money while you aren’t using it.
    2. Tax deductions! *Speak with your tax advisor
    3. Professional vessel management team! Let someone else take care of the maintenance so you can simply enjoy your boat (eliminate the time and energy it takes to address everything from the engine, to the rig, to routine cleanings).

We schedule your preventative maintenance, coordinate repairs, stock and inventory spare parts, oversee detailing and cleaning, inspect work and review invoices. This allows you to step onboard knowing your boat will look great, smell great, and run great. Our aim is to make sure everyday on your boat is an awesome experience.

Your Boat as A Business

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Charter Base Options

Keep your catamaran at, or move between, any of our base locations in San Diego and Sea of Cortez.

San Diego

Docking your catamaran in San Diego gives you access to the Southern California Coastline, Catalina and the other Channel Islands. Visit some exceptional dock-and-dine restaurants on a trip up the scenic coastline, or head out to the islands for some hiking & diving in locations that are truly unique.

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Sea of Cortez

Sailing in the Sea of Cortez is spectacular. The scenery, sea life, remoteness, and tacos make this cruising ground one of the best in the world. Our Sea of Cortez location at Puerto Escondido, just south of Loreto, puts you in the middle of the best the Sea has to offer.

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