These guidelines have been provided by the SD Port Authority (edited for clarity), and WCM will apply these rules to the extent possible, for both charter and lessons operations. WCM staff and our captains will do our part to keep you and your family safe.

As of May 9, 2020:

Boat Charter/Lessons Business

This type of business charters small vessels to the public and provides lessons. Some of the vessels have a 12-person capacity, so it can impossible to social distance. As a result, any large group would violate the “gathering” prohibition in the current Health Order, unless the rental is limited to members of the same household. There is a retail component, which can be mitigated with plexiglass and distancing of patrons similar to grocery stores.


  • Charters/Lessons allowed only for members of the same household
  • Charters/Lessons will not be made to individuals with a cough or fever
  • Maintain 6-foot distance at all times while on the dock or in public areas
  • 6-feet markings will be placed on dock and rental kiosk

Employee Safety:

  • Employees will wear masks and gloves
  • Employees will be trained on social distancing and sanitizing
  • Sanitizer will be provided in the employee areas
  • All rules will be posted in employee areas

Retail Transaction:

  • Use pre-booked and pre-paid reservations to the extent possible
  • Require masks and plexiglass shields for the retail transaction if an on-site transaction is necessary
  • Sanitize all equipment used for the retail transaction after every use

Charter/Class Transaction:

  • To the extent possible, limit interaction with the customer who is taking out the vessel – have the vessel cleaned and ready to go so the customer can be directed to the vessel with no interaction with employees

Public Safety

  • Disinfect and thoroughly clean all vessels before and after every charter/lesson
  • No more than 10 people allowed on dock at any one time – entrance will be controlled
  • Open-air area must be used for customers to wait
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to customers