In NewsJune 1, 20243 Minutes

New Website is Live!

The entire crew at WCM is very excited to introduce you to…. queue the drum roll here…. our brand new website! This has been many months in the works, and we think it does a much better job of explaining what we do, and getting you where you need to go more efficiently. And it’s beautiful too, if don’t mind us saying so.

Section-based navigation reduces clutter and gets you more quickly to the right spot.

So What's New?

The previous website served us very well for many years, but with the numerous changes and additions to WCM offerings, it had begun to outgrow it’s structure and organization. Things were… overwhelming sometimes, and people could get a bit lost. We’re hoping we fixed those issues, and more. As you poke around, please note any problems you have with the site and let Randy know.

What will you find that’s different? Here are some highlights:

  • More modern look – cleaner design, more open and easier to digest
  • More gorgeous images and video segments
  • Consolidation of pages and clear sections make it easier to navigate
  • In particular, the site is broken into distinct areas with their own navigation schemes, removing uneccessary clutter (if you’re there to book a class, you don’t need to see all the charter offerings or yacht management, do you?)
  • Visual grids of items (like boats) are often sortable, to help you quickly get to what really works for you

Layouts like this can be sorted quickly to find say, all the boats in the fleet available for captained charters out of San Diego.

And the Killer App?

The real game-changer: real-time real prices

No more pricing tables, which were cluttered and made it difficult to decipher what your final cost would be. In their place are a few brilliant (and behind the scenes, very complicated) online forms which function as Build-Your-Charter calculators. Choose a boat and a timeframe and boom – you’ve got your starting price. Dial it in with a few extras and check your price. Too much? Change the boat in two seconds, and all the math is adjusted. Or the number of days. You get the picture. Try it out here and here. And let us know what you think.

Just two or three fields gives you real prices you can count on