Cruising Catamaran Docking Clinic

WCM is providing relief to cat owners and charterers who are unfamiliar with proper docking techniques, and may be fearful or reluctant to take the helm in the marina. Modern cruising catamarans are amazingly maneuverable and easy to handle, with proper instruction. Classes are limited to 4 people and will be held aboard a modern, full-sized cruising catamaran.

Cruising Catamaran Docking Clinic

Dates:  5 or six times per year
Time:  9am to 4pm
Price:  $295 per person
Class Size:  4 Student Maximum

Prerequisites:  ASA 101 & 103 or a reasonable amount of boating experience.

Learn the correct methods of maneuvering and docking a cruising catamaran in these hands-on clinics with a certified captain. These classes are intended to improve your confidence, and competence, during the critical first and last 50 feet of your sailing cruises. Clinics are limited to 4 people per session, so don’t delay.

Price: $295/person

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