Whale Watching San Diego – From a Catamaran!

If you’re looking for a whale watching experience in San Diego, you’ve at least heard of the thrill and majesty of seeing these behemoths from a boat on the open water. There’s really nothing like it.

Whale watching season typically runs mid-December through April as Gray Whales head south to give birth in the protected bays of Mexico, with mothers and their calves making their return northbound trip in the second half of that timeframe (but often a bit further offshore). There are also Humpbacks, Blues (mostly in summer) and sometimes Fin whales, some of which are of resident populations. There is no guarantee of whale sightings on any given day, but the odds are good, and you’re guaranteed a spectacular water-borne experience with nature. Various dolphins, sea lions, and sea birds are quite common as well.

While we recognize that you have multiple options for whale watching in San Diego, our emphasis is on providing a more intimate experience for couples, small groups and families.

Our yachts are of the highest quality, and our skippers attentive to the needs of every guest. No PA systems, no boarding lines or cattle calls. Instead our guests meet us at our dock (or may be picked up at the hotel dock), and are whisked away for a few hours (or more) of fun, and returned safely with memories that will last.

This is not a ticketed offering (you charter the whole boat), so it works best if you (or your hotel) can put together a group of at least 8, and as many as 12, to share the expense. Check out some of the boats and pricing via the list on the left. With a relatively full boat it’s an amazing value. It’s also an experience you’ll never forget.

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