Crew Overboard Clinic

“Man Overboard!” is a phrase we all hope never to hear, but it’s still something for which we should all be well prepared. Theory and strategizing over a cup of coffee is all well and good, but nothing beats some actual practice is real world conditions. WCM is taking this issue head-on, and has developed a MOB clinic that covers not only standard procedures, but how to adapt those procedures to the vessel you are on, and the safety equipment at hand. Join us!

Crew Overboard Clinic

Date:  Typically available once per quarter
Time:  9 AM to 3 PM
Class Size:  4 Student Maximum

Prerequisites:  None

Join us for this six hour session devoted to a critical safety procedure for all sailors, which leaves plenty of time for each individual to spend time at the helm, spotting, retrieving and observing. Clinics are limited to 4 people per session, so don’t delay.

Please contact us for further details, or to sign up. Or book online.

Price: $495/person

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