Cruising Catamaran Spinnaker Clinic

Spinnakers are gorgeous, powerful, and to many sailors, a bit vexing. How to control all that free-floating power with the limited sail control lines is the essence of sailing’s life-long learning curve, and too often these sails stay in their bags because sailors find the prospect just a tad too daunting. WCM is offering you a way to beat this paradigm, and make the most of that big, beautiful sail, whether aboard a catamaran, or your monohull (the biggest difference being no pole on a cat). Come along for a fun and fascinating afternoon with the pretty sail, and walk away with new skills and confidence.

Catamaran Spinnaker Clinic

Dates:  3-4 times per year
Time:  10am to 4pm
Price:  $495 per person
Class Size:  4 Student Maximum

Prerequisites:  ASA 101 & 103 or a reasonable amount of boating experience.

Spinnaker Class Syllabus

  • Spinnaker applications (when, where and what wind speed & sea state)
  • Types of Spinnakers (asymmetrical, full, pole/no pole)
  • The layout (Getting it setup and prepped for deployment)
  • Setting & Dousing
  • Gybing the kite (inside/outside)
  • Final comments
  • Duration: full day

Price: $495/person

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