Bareboat Charter Sea of Cortez

For bareboat yacht charters from Puerto Escondido/Loreto, you simply charter (rent) the yacht and you skipper the boat. (Previous sailing experience is required. If you need to develop those skills, see our Sailing Lessons section.)

West Coast Multihulls Charters has a limited number of catamarans available for bareboat charter from our Sea of Cortez location. To charter one of our multihulls please contact us at 619.365.4326 or visit our fill out the information below to get started.

Listed below are a few requirements for a bareboat charter in Sea of Cortez:

Photo Credit: Ryan Fritzsche Photography

We accept ASA 114 Certifications. Note that charterers holding ASA 114 Certification, but lacking prior bareboat catamaran charter experience will be required to hire one of our licensed captains for a supplemental training at the beginning of their first bareboat charter with WCM. This is a $150 cost paid directly to the captain.

Check out our Sea of Cortez Bareboat Charter Fleet!

NOTE: US Coast Guard regulations mandate that captains of charters of more than 6 persons are paid directly by the charterer/client, in addition to the cost of the boat. WCM will provide a list of suitable captains for your charter experience.


Deposit/Cancellation Policy:

All charter payments are assessed a Marina and Port Fee, and a 3% fuel surcharge.

All charters can be rescheduled up to 14 days before charter reservation date.

All charters cancelled within 14 days of scheduled charter reservation date are non-refundable but can be rescheduled, for full credit up to one year after original charter reservation date.

All charters cancelled before 14 days of reservation date will be assessed a 15% cancellation fee of the full charter amount minus Port and Marina Fees.


All boats carry hull insurance. In the event of damage or loss of equipment, the charterer will be liable for an amount equal to 1% of the insured value of the boat.  If repairs/replacements are required, only the cost of  those repairs or replacements will be charged to the charterer’s account.