WCM Celebrates 25 Years

Our Silver Jubilee

The WCM journey began when Kurt Jerman founded the company in 1999 as a dealership for Corsair Marine and Seawind Catamarans. But the story stretches back before 1993, when Kurt’s passion for boats unfolded during his time at Harbor Sailboats in San Diego, after a remarkable three-year cruise from California through Panama to Florida on a 31 ft Jim Brown Searunner Trimaran with his wife, Lori, set the stage for a lifetime of maritime adventures.

It was the time spent cruising with the family that so easily entrapped Kurt. He was destined for a life in the boating world.

The Early Days

In 1995, Kurt stepped into the role of sales manager at Corsair Marine, eventually becoming the General Manager in 2000. As Corsair transitioned production to Vietnam in 2005, Kurt embraced an opportunity to keep the multihull spirit thriving in San Diego by growing WCM, and the Southern California multihull market, through sales and service of Corsair tris and Seawind cats.

Seawind Cats on Parade

Navigating through the sometimes tumultuous seas of financial change, Kurt introduced the Seawind 1160 to North America in 2006, showcasing the boats, and his dedication, by touring boat shows on both the East and West Coasts. Kurt’s commitment and passion for sailing helped build WCM into the West Coast’s go-to destination for all things multihull, featuring Corsairs, Seawinds, and soon other top brands like Fountaine Pajot , Leopard and Catana.

With the Seawind 1160, Kurt had a tiger by the tail.

The Big Step: Charters and Sailing School

In 2010, the West Coast Sailing School and Charter division set sail, offering a comprehensive range of ASA sailing classes with a distinct focus on catamaran sailing. The mission was clear – empower multihull enthusiasts to obtain ASA certifications, enabling them to charter or own a catamaran and embark on their own sunset-soaked adventures. WCM had evolved to serve multihulls sailors through every step of their journey, staffed top-to-bottom with enthusiastic cat and tri sailors who matched their hard work with fun times on the water.

Initial San Diego Fleet

Fast forward to 2018: After launching hundreds of sailing students and charters from the San Diego base, WCM expanded its reach by establishing a charter base in the mesmerizing Sea of Cortez, Mexico. The azure waters off Loreto, Baja California Sur, and specifically Marina Puerto Escondido, became a new canvas for WCM’s school and charter business, bringing the joys of catamaran sailing adventures to even more sailors.

Dreamy Sea of Cortez Sailing

Ahead Under Full Sail

As of 2023, WCM has firmly solidified its position as one of American Sailing Association’s premier sailing schools, specializing in catamaran sailing and cruising. Having proudly awarded over 5,000 ASA certifications to enthusiastic students, WCM stands as a beacon of excellence in maritime education.

The school has garnered multiple accolades, particularly for its outstanding ASA instructors, earning recognition as a world-class Catamaran Sailing School, while also maintaining the largest catamaran fleet on the west coast. WCM has been awarded TripAdvisor’s esteemed Traveler’s Choice Award every year since its inclusion in 2019, and has been featured in numerous international sailing magazine articles highlighting the incredible cruising grounds, annual flotillas, and sailing events WCM hosts in Southern California and the Sea of Cortez.

As we reflect on the past 25 years with sailing friendships made, miles covered, boats delivered, industry connections forged, and unforgettable adventures experienced, we can’t help but feel blessed. Here’s to 25 years of navigating the waves and creating a legacy that sails far beyond the horizon!

WCM: What We Do

The Photographic Evidence (mostly innocent)

A selection of photos from the early years of WCM, and even a bit before. A few of the faces and places that made this company what it is. Uncountable adventures and memories. Click through as a slideshow.

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